Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim least expected that his failure to meet King Salman during his visit to Saudi Arabia would snowballed into a huge denunciation by the opposition. The truth is, those who do not support the government look at Anwar as a mere representative from the PH-BN coalition and not the Prime Minister of the country. Najib , Mahathir, Muhyiddin and Ismail Sabri experienced the same fate while they were the Prime Minister. When politicians are happy to see one’s failure, the country is to suffer.

In the last few years, politics in Malaysia have turned ugly. We need to understand no matter what, we should leave the fundamentals of the country’s economy, health and education system alone. Politics should not interfere with these three institutions so as to safeguard the country and rakyat’s well being.

Politics have dealt a severe blow to the growth of the economy. Many of us are oblivious that too much politicking have really hurt us internationally. It is very dangerous for political leaders in the opposition to overdo things and keep on harping about corruption. This has a serious implication on our image and economy internationally. There must me some sense of responsibility among politicians to know what to say and what not.

I honestly think that the way the opposition attacked Najib and his government has done severe damage and dampened the hope of getting investors coming into the country. The Chinese were accused of unfair trade agreements with Malaysia and these agreements only benefitted the Chinese during Najib’ s tenure. When Najib and his government fell, many contracts between the two countries were put on hold and some were even nullified. China was dragged into our domestic squabbles and the economic superpower was not happy. Like it or not we need China and we need them badly. The same thing goes with the oil-rich Arabs. Don’t question their donations. It would not be easy to mend the rift we unnecessarily created ourselves. It is a little bit strange to see how happy some quarters were to question Anwar’s success from his visit to Saudi and other countries. This is not about Anwar. This is about Malaysia.

Thus, it is very important not to shoot our own foot time and again. If politics is about ‘political assassinations’, then we are going to be left with those who are incapable to plan for the country. Honestly, there are not many MPs in our Dewan Rakyat who have the credentials to steer the country’s economy back onto the right track. Rafizi? He talks a lot and his answers in parliament are simply too political without solid facts. We need somebody who works hard and doesn’t talk too much, somebody with proven experience who have that little extra when it comes to negotiations.

Perhaps it’s time for Anwar to look at Dato Seri Mohamad Hasan (Tok Mat), the current Minister of Defence. The former Menteri Besar of Negeri Sembilan is seen as a leader who is clean and with economic sense. He doesnt waste his time getting involve with meaningless feuds in or outside parliament with his political foes. Because of his potential, he is now a target of ‘political assasination” by his nemesis.

Mohamad Hasan should lead if the need to form an economic team for the country becomes crucial. It is time to move forward.

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