1. Development and progress at times come with a price. Nobody expected that the rain we yearned for, would turn into a tragedy.

2. While many houses and other properties were flooded with muddy waters, the flood and havoc had managed to surface the good and ugly sides of Malaysians. Malaysians are known to be generous and helpful and in a way this is what Keluarga Malaysia is all about. Sadly these are the quiet Malaysians, who contribute in times of need without making any fuss, minus the media coverage. This is the group that makes us proud all the time.

3. The second group is the one who doesn’t contribute much but has a lot of things to say in front of the cameras. This is the same group of people who criticise every single thing on earth as if they know so much. With the help of the social media, they behave as if they know best and try to manipulate even when people are suffering. Some of these faces can be seen arguing for the sake of arguing in the parliament. We should not allow ourselves to be fooled by them time and again.

4. Do you really think that the Prime Minister is not doing enough to help the victims? Come on. He is working around the clock to utilise everything he can to ease the burden of those who are suffering. In Malaysia, people mistake Ismail Sabri’s kindess for weakness. The hard thing is he tries to help them but still he is the bad one. Ismail may not realise it but he is actually drowning when he tries to be everyone’s anchor.

Even in the rain, haters like to play with fire.

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